Second Big Step: Editing

I hate reading reviews of SP stories where people keep talking about how great the story was… and how bad the editing was.

It’s a bit scary.

Unfortunately, at this point (and for Short #1) I can’t afford an editor at this point. It just was not an option. But, with all my besties being writers and English teachers, it seemed like a great time to put them to work!

So, Short…with it’s new title IT’S IN HIS KISS… is back and ready to go. I had some great suggestions of little tweaks to make it smoother and pull the ending forward in its continuity a bit. Also, a bunch of line edit catches that my one line editing person did.

I’ll be honest, I wish I had time to have ONE more person look it over. I feel like after making those changes it would be fabu to get another sweep done, but I’m at the end of my resources, so here we are.

And now, the adventure continues. I have a couple days to finish my revisions on the other project for the Agent and then get this puppy formatted, the cover connected, the promo items order and ready to go!

I’m still 100% enjoying the process.

That was one of the big reasons I wanted to do this. Use the little story I had so much fun with to get to be creative in a new way. To just get to step away from the outside-influenced-revisions that I’d been caught in for a while and do something that involved a completely different way of thinking.

Here’s hoping it turns out ok!

So, stick around. The next thing you know I’ll be sharing that new cover!


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