Self-Publishing Numbers, Week 5

I was hit up on twitter for a break down of those first four weeks by week. I’m thinking about making this a weekly thing. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing what a short story does weekly.

So, here it is:

Week 1:  10… Of course, this was only 1.5 days LOL
Week 2:  9
Week 3:  15
Week 4:  15
Week 5:  17

As you can see, 5 weeks are listed, but it’s really 4 weeks and a day. We’ll call that first day a week to keep the numbers clean from here on out.

Like I said yesterday, I’m pretty much staying steady at about 2 a day now. No one’s rushing out to help me buy a new car. But that was never the point. 

I will say, being on forums and hearing other people with shorts selling 0-4 for the entire month was a boost for me. I may not be a big fish in a small pond (or even a small fish in a fishtank…wait, I”m allergic to fish. How about… Oh, nevermind).. but I am happy to be on a steady schedule.

So, I’ll be deciding if I should post these numbers every week. Let me know what you think. I”ll also add in if I do anything crazy (like buy ad space *snort*) so you can see if/how that affects things… you know, if you all vote to see the numbers LOL


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