Self-Publishing Numbers: Week 5a

I’ve changed things up a bit. Since the first week was really only one day, I’ve marked it as such.

So, here it is:

Day 1:  10 (1 day)
Week 1:  9
Week 2:  15
Week 3:  15
Week 4:  17
Week 5:   15

The Amazon sale ended this week. Everyone said their numbers were being hurt by the sale, but I’m doubting that was true for me. Still pretty consistent.

Still doing no promo. Next week is my first week blogging on the new site Author Rescue. We’ll see how that goes!

Also, I think I know what the next Jenna book is about… toying with it on the side while I try to finish something in my other writing world

I’d love to hear your numbers! A friend of mine who is in epublishing told me these were really great considering that I’ve done almost nothing to promote it as I work on the other 1/2 of my writing life.

Feel free to post your numbers in the comments!


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