What It Looks Like From The Inside

There’s a weird thing about writing — or more, about being an author. Very few people know what your writing life really looks like.

Sure, your close friends know your process and cycle, but everyone else… probably not so much.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of writers talk daily on twitter or their blogs about where they are and how things are going, etc.

It doesn’t work for most writers. Outside of people who can do it with wit (think: Victoria Dahl) it’s too easy to come off whiny. Let’s be honest, writing can be hard. It can wear you down. If you’re smart (and not clever about how to share) you probably look like you’re doing stuff the for only two months before a book comes out.

I know, right? The rest of the time you’re just living in dreamland. Um, suuuuure.

But, writers know that’s not true. I thought I’d give you a tiny look into my last few week so you can see what else I’ve done besides “write words down.”

This week I’ve:

  • Did book edits from my CP’s notes
  • Reviewed FOUR of my full manuscripts for Super Secret Project (SSP)(tons of fun rereading & making notes)
  • Discussed new projects with potential genre specific editors
  • Tried to get the next 2 Theories in Love books packaged for my editor
  • Researched genre specific covers
  • Researched about 15 cover artists
  • Basically beg, pleaded, and bribed the cover artist I wanted for the SSP
  • Realized I need a tax/business structure
  • Researched LLCs and Sole Proprietorship (and am still confused)
  • Made note to call the SBA about LLCs and Sole Proprietorship
  • Did content read for someone else
  • Started researching ISBNs for paper and e-books
  • Made my To Do list for this week

Oh yeah, and went to the Day Job and pretended I have a life.

I’ve always been honest with you guys that I write under another name also and that it typically takes most of my writing time, but all this business stuff? That’s just one week ramping up to a release that isn’t coming till mid-JUNE!

I look at that, and the writer heart in me dies a little. I know that once I have a team in place for this new genre, the next books will go more smoothly to set p. But, really, we all know that saying, “A writer writes.” Well, if you go indie, it’s “A writer writes….and everything else, too.”

And, being committed to creating the best product for readers AND running the business side as well, means doing things right. And doing things right sometimes means saying, “Stop. Let’s build the foundation so going forward we have a structure to get things out, better, faster, stronger… wait. That’s Kanye. Not a fan, but okay. We’ll go with it.

So, for everyone who was curious what goes on behind the curtain – and why sometimes the curtain is closed for long periods of time – there’s a little glimpse.

Now, I’m off to the Day Job so I can go home and finish edits tonight… that’s the whole point, right?


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