WRECKLESS ~ Jake Moore


I managed to nail down Jake Moore, the guy Bridget meets during her Night of Rebellion (that’s so much more exciting with caps, isn’t it?) and get him to answer some of my… well, someone’s questions. I have to admit, he was a really good sport about it.


Bria:  Hi, Jake. Thanks for stopping by.

JAKE: Um… No problem.

BRIA: So, I have some questions here from a reader, Valerie Cole. She wants to know first off, what do you think of girls’ hair?

JAKE: *rubs a hand across his mouth trying to hide that grin Bridget warned us about* Well now, that’s quite the question, isn’t it? I think a girl, she has to have the type of hair you want to touch. I like long hair, but it’s more about that softness. The kind that makes you want to wrap it around your fingers. Something that says, Yes. I’m a girl and you’ll never really understand me will you?

BRIA: Hair can say all that?

JAKE: Sure it can.

BRIA: Huh. Who knew… well, probably Valerie, but moving on. Her second question is… and please, keep in mind, this question is coming from Valerie, not me… Why are you so hot?

 JAKE: Awwww. I’m nothing special, ma’am. It’s just the reputation. Or the truck. Or the fact that no one really knows where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing for the last two years. A little mystery can make a guy a lot more attractive. Stand me up in a room of other football players and I’m sure I’ll just blend right on in.

BRIA: Um, yeah. Somehow I doubt it. But, speaking of your truck, do you think Valerie and I could take it out for a spin sometime?

JAKE: I’m going to have to say no to that. I’ve had to make some deals about who drives it when and where and that’s not something I can go back on.

BRIA: But, I can drive a stick. I can drive just about anything actually. I’m going to take helecopter flight lessons this fall!

JAKE: That sounds nice. I’m sure you’ll have a good time.

BRIA: *grumble grumble* Ok, moving on. Valerie also wants to know… Oh for crying out loud. VALERIE! Get in here and ask these questions yourself!

VALERIE: Hi Jake *flips hair* How you’doing?

BRIA: HELLO. He’s seventeen.

VALERIE: He doesn’t look seventeen.

BRIA: Okay, let’s try this one then: You’re married.

VALERIE: And Shannon knows that I love him beyond compare. *flips hair* Anyway… speaking of Shannon, my husband wanted to ask what’s the most reckless thing you’ve ever done?

BRIA: Oh man…

JAKE: Well, there was this girl when I first got back from — well, a guy doesn’t kiss and tell, but let’s just say, I may have spent some time trying to keep up with a girl in the wrong league.

VALERIE: What league would that be?

JAKE: Well, my daddy taught me to respect ladies and my mama taught me that manners should never be over looked, so I’m going to have to pass on that question.

BRIA: Awwww…

VALERIE: So she was … you know…

BRIA: *looks expectantly*

VALERIE: *narrows her eyes*

JAKE: She was… a girl I went out with for a bit.

BRIA: Okay. Fine, moving on. I have a question here from someone who isn’t Valerie. What did you think of Bridget the first time you saw her?

VALERIE: Oh. Good question.

JAKE: Can I just point back to the answer to the last question?

BRIA: That bad, huh?

JAKE: Well, no. She was… cute. Lost, but cute the first time I saw her. I remember when she first stumbled into the fair thinking she looked a bit like an overdressed pixie who might have stumbled out of the woods and was  completely confused about what all these darn humans were doing with all the noise and flashing lights.

VALERIE: You’re adorable.

BRIA: I’m going to have to agree with her on this one.

JAKE: *mumbles*

BRIA: You didn’t really just say aw-shucks?

JAKE: No, ma’am. I said something I shouldn’t be saying in front of the ladies.

BRIA: So, are you two crazy kids going to make it?

VALERIE: Of course they are.

BRIA: What do you mean, Of course they are. They might not. They might have issues.

VALERIE: No. Happy-kissy time. Didn’t you see the teaser? *points to the top of the interview*

BRIA: Dude, we’ve talked about what you want to do to your characters.

VALERIE: Yes, but this isn’t my story. I want to just read it and love it.

BRIA: But, you never kn–

JAKE: Ladies. Excuse me. Ma’am, I don’t mean to be rude, but I have to head back out to my folks’ place. I’ve got chores to do tonight. But this has been… interesting. Sure has. Thanks so much for having me.

BRIA: Come back any time.

VALERIE: Or you can totally just stop by my place: Valerie’s Blog.

BRIA: Did you just invite him to your place????

VALERIE: To my blog. My blog, Bria. Geez.

BRIA: Okay…well, I think we’ve scared him off now. But, he may come back around. He said, to let you know you’re all going to love the cover during the reveal Monday and to email us at RogueGiraffeBooks@aol.com if you want your name added to the cover reveal party!


BRIA: Right! So, thanks for stopping by. We’re heading out now.

VALERIE: Um, aren’t you going to do something with your hair first?

BRIA: It’s in a little ponytail, what’s wrong with that?

VALERIE: Nothing. It’s just that you have all those curls and … hold on *reaches in bag* I just happen to have some product with me…

BRIA: *tries to make a break for the door*

*doesn’t make it*

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