YOU Get a box set and I’ll donate the money

I’m so upset about the response to Maria in Puerto Rico. It’s been 6 days – almost a week, and we’re hearing so little about relief.

These are American Citizens.

And so – bc I don’t have a lot of money to donate (and it’s already been sent) every single dollar Amazon gives me for this box set thru the end of the month will go directly to an approved donation center (I’m researching who is getting help there NOW and most efficient/honestly).

This isn’t about selling my book – this is about the only way I can earn money to send on directly. $7 per sale (the full earnings) will go directly to PR Maria Relief.
So, if you don’t feel like dropping $10 ( roughly $7 profit to go directly to Maria relief) at started by their First Lady with corporate sponsors and individual relief donations – let’s be those donations!

Get it HERE

I picked the box set bc it’s new and you can buy it or gift it even if you’ve bought the books in it already.

Please help me to get the word out by sharing this. They are one of our territories who were already struggling with debt. Instead of this being a “they don’t deserve help” situation, it should be a time for us to help those in need.


  1. Janet Graham says

    I don’t know which news outlets you’ve been listening to, but….There was a large convoy of ships due to arrive in the Islands last Saturday morning with thousands of gallons of both gasoline and diesel fuel and generators. Plus, thousands of gallons of fresh water and food that does not require refrigeration (not just MRE’s). Two more convoys will be arriving this week with more essentials. The convoys for next week and beyond will be carrying more of the same as well as more ‘comfort’ type items and non-essentials.
    Donations are always accepted! I like the ones that contribute 100% of the proceeds (not just profits) like Doctors Without Borders

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