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My readers ROCK.

Apparently on Goodreads if you click on “similar authors” for my books/me nothing comes up. I think we all know I’m just not that unique (although a message that says “No one is like Bria” would have been fun.)

So, a reader emailed support about why her link didn’t work. Talk about above and beyond.

This is Goodread’s response (which Reader emailed to me) and I found it really interesting so I thought I’d share:

Thanks for the email, and for your patience! It sounds like the “Similar authors” list is generated by our recommendations engine, so you will only see similar authors if their books are included in our recommendations generator. (You can tell because the book page will have “Readers also liked…” with recommendations on that page.)

Bria Quinlan’s books aren’t yet included in our recommendations engine, but we are planning on re-running that engine soon to include a bunch more authors and titles in it, so my guess is that you’ll see a lot more “similar authors” and “readers also liked” sections popping up all over Goodreads soon! I’m not sure exactly when they’re running this engine again, but I’ve been given to understand it will be relatively soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime! Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

WOW- That’s interesting, right?
And also, I’m kind of shocked it hasn’t been run in 6 months since WRECKLESS came out and got a bunch of fast reviews?

But, there it is. If you don’t have the “similar authors” link working (which someone had to point me toward…it’s on the author page just above the book list) hopefully it’s coming!

First off, thanks to readers who let us know when they learn awesome information like this.

Also, now I’m hoping they run it soon. I know that your book recommendations are based off the same list (I did some quick asking around) so I know that my books aren’t getting recommended to people who might take a chance on me.

As a writer, that’s a bummer.

As a reader, it makes me wonder what books I’m missing out on.



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