AuthorLife Planner 2018

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for some feedback for AuthorLife Planner users.

I currently am working on a 30-Day Bootcamp (based on the workbook and Zero to Planned workshop) type book that will focus not only on your writing but on your life as a whole. This will not be ready for December.

In addition, I’m removing the 2017 Planner from sale at the end of Sept.


What would you like for 2018? Would you like the planner with all the exercises, planning pages, reviews, and summary sheets with a 2018 calendar?

Or, you’ll wait for the boot camp?

Or something else?

Feel free to email me if you’d rather keep your thoughts between just the two of us 😉
info @ briaquinlan .com


  1. Hi Bria-
    So one of the things I’ve learned about myself this year is that I need a year overview where I can have the birds-eye view of my year- so for me- release dates…
    Then, I also need a monthly glance- that’s where I put my promo, deadlines for proofreading/uploading/teasers etc…
    Then I also need a 2 page week spread for the daily tasks necessary to hit my deadlines (and where I put those pesky family obligations)… Beyond that- lots of lined paper or bulleted paper for ideas/doodling/brainstorming etc…. -That’s where I make my list.
    Right now I’m working off a set of wall calendars, and 2 notebooks… eesh…. I’d love to find 1 that works for me… I recognize it may not happen, and that’s fine b/c I’ll muddle through 🙂

    Anyhoo- happy to answer any clarifying questions for you and good luck making a planner that works for a lot of people!! 😀

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