Simplifying Series: Series & Character Bible

Are you overwhelmed by the tons of data and sheets most series bibles and character sheets have? This one simplified to make sure you have everything you need, without tipping over into ‘creation work’ that can sometimes create busy work. INCLUDED: • A style guide to help you and your editors stay on the same page and consistent • Character list that keeps all your main characters, primary characters, secondary characters, and walk-ons straight. No one ever has to do {Read More}

Plan Like a Bestseller … is LIVE!

  I’m so excited to give you the new and improved book. If you don’t follow me online, let me give you the quick and dirty. The AuthorLife Planner is no more. Every year we’ll price out creating an actual planner-planner, but we found when asked that over 90% of people who used this yearly didn’t use the planner pages because…book. The Planner Pages are free for download (the link is at the end of the book) so if you’re {Read More}

AuthorLife Planner 2018

Hi Everyone, I’m looking for some feedback for AuthorLife Planner users. I currently am working on a 30-Day Bootcamp (based on the workbook and Zero to Planned workshop) type book that will focus not only on your writing but on your life as a whole. This will not be ready for December. In addition, I’m removing the 2017 Planner from sale at the end of Sept. THE QUESTION BECOMES… What would you like for 2018? Would you like the planner {Read More}

The Plan Cycle

One of the most common questions I get about the Zero to Planned workshop is, What makes it different? I think there are several things, but the one that really resonates with people is the new Plan Cycle we create. Most plan cycles look like this: . This is a traditional cycle. This cycle works on a lot of levels. That’s why it’s been around so long. But, it doesn’t always work on the layers we want. Goals are great. I love {Read More}

Getting Opportunities by Being a Good Business Partner

This topic has come up several times over the last three months, so I’m going to do a quick and dirty post on this. Maybe I should have called this How Not To Lose Opportunities… So, harsh post, ahoy! Let’s talk first about what’s in it for you. Being a good Business Partner makes you easy to work with. We all know how rough the day-to-day business of publishing can be, and we look for people who make our lives {Read More}

Time Management – The Holiday Principle

Raise your hand if there’s something that every year you tell yourself, “It’s not like the date moved. Christmas (or whatever yours is…holidays, birthdays, anniversaries…etc) is the same day every year.” Most of us do it. We plan to be ready, then somehow BOOM! The day/event is upon us and we’re floundering. FLOUNDERING! Floundering is not where we want to live. But, the truth is, most of us have this issue monthly — if not weekly or daily. The kid’s rehearsal {Read More}

Zero to Planned Update

I’m having a ball with the newly re-created Zero to Planned workshop. The second group is halfway through their month and going along really well. I love the Ah-Ha moments and epiphanies. Every group teaches me something new too! I also just scrapped the original pages and put up some better, more informative pages to show what it’s all about. Lots of designing going on over there…me! Being quasi-visually-creative *flails* March 7th is coming up quickly and I’m offering a {Read More}

The Perfect Time To Plan

One of the questions that has come in from more than one person is “Should I plan my day in the morning or the night before?” Well, we already covered the “It’s All About You” thing, so let’s break this down to help you decide. The morning or night planning is really personal. It’s the way you’re setting yourself up for success, so figuring out what works for you (at this moment, bc this is a big one that can change) {Read More}

Just Pick an Organizing Tool

On we go with more from my Zero to Planned class. “Just Pick a Tool” — that seems to be what people often feel is expected of them to get moving on their organizing. Who of us hasn’t said, TODAY IS THE DAY I GET ORGANIZED and rush out to HomeGoods and Staples to buy everything we need to make our home, office, and day feel better and be more productive. Only — well, what did you buy and why? {Read More}

It’s all about you

With the pilot of my Zero to Planned workshop finished and the next group about to start, it feels like a great time to talk a little bit about planning and organizing and getting things done and balance. Yeah. That’s a lot of ands, but that’s okay. I’m going to tackle some of the questions I’ve been asked as I’ve rolled out my workshop for online classes. Instead of diving right in, I’ll answer the “WHY” questions I keep getting: {Read More}