About the Rom Coms

Every once in a while there’s a question that comes up a lot from readers. Just the fact that readers ask me questions is exciting, but I thought I’d take a second to answer this 1-that’s-really-3. With The Last Single Girl free through Amazon Select right now, people have been wondering if it’s the beginning of a series. Another question people ask is “When are we getting more Ben & Jenna??” And a few very, very, very observant readers have {Read More}

Secret Identity – Or, Other Names To Write Stuff Under

Once upon a time there was a YA Writer named Bria Quinlan who decided it would be fun to write some funny, light-hearted rom coms as a break from her YA… Not that she didn’t love her YAs, but sometimes a girl wants to write something a little different. And so she did. And so she published one under the name Caitie Quinn. And it did fairly well… people seemed to like it. The more people who liked it, the {Read More}