The Catching Kind – SALE!

The Catching Kind is $0.99 this week! Hailey Tate thought she was worth more than a straight flush. Apparently not. When camera-shy author Hailey Tate’s agent loses a bet and brokers a deal, it leaves Hailey in the last place she wants to be: backed into the corner of Publicity and Paparazzi. Now, thanks to her girl-next-door image and role as pretend girlfriend to a womanizing shortstop, she’s getting the attention she always managed to avoid. Connor Ryan is not {Read More}

The Trickster Makes a Match is LIVE!

I’m THRILLED to tell you that The Trickster Makes a Match is liiiiiivvvvvvvveeeee! It was so fun to play in someone else’s world. Kristen Painter’s Nocturne Falls was a magical place to hang out…and the magic definitely seeped over into the lives of my very unsuspecting characters 😉 The Trickster Makes a Match Minx Marksman–daughter of a Supermodel and a famous Rocker–wants nothing more than a normal, crazy-free life. One more nannying gig will earn her enough to achieve her {Read More}

ARC REVIEWS: The Trickster Makes a Match

The Trickster Makes a Match, part of Kristen Painter’s Sugar Skull Nocturne Falls books, is coming out next month! In the meantime, the ARCs have gone out to our teams and the reviews are starting to roll in. If you’re interested in knowing when it’s live, make sure you’re on my newsletter alerts HERE. Just curious what people are saying? Check out the Goodreads page HERE. And watch for the cover reveal – it’s super cute!!! <3 Bria Your Quirky {Read More}

Free Books from Bria Quinlan :)

Did you know that every Thursday I give away e-books on my Author Page? Each week I ask a silly get-to-know-you question and draw a name for a winner. They get to (typically) pick any one of my ebooks for a free download. I also have some other prizes up my sleeve so it’s worth checking back each week! Not playing along? Click HERE for this week’s game. Click HERE for my facebook author page. <3 Bria, Your Quirk Romance {Read More}

Wreckless Author Read

Did you miss it? Still curious what was said? Want to add a question at the end? CHECK IT OUT HERE.   


Wreckless is a reader favorite and I find myself getting lots of questions about it still. I thought a fun way to answer some of those, tell you some obscure facts, and annotate the book for everyone would be to do a read-along! Wootoot! So, how will it work? I’ll be reading (ok, rereading…but it’s been a few YEARS!) Wreckless and commenting on Goodreads on my status update. I’d love for you go read along and comment too. I’ll be {Read More}

RVHS Secrets Bundle Exclusive

  Check it out:

SECRET LIFE – Cover Reveal & Excerpt

      Rachel Wells is a liar—big time. No one outside her family knows about the panic attacks or meds, the weekly therapy drive-bys or the “safe” outfit. If she could hide it all from her string of ex-boyfriends and her best friend Amy, then why should anything change? But, when the one guy as messed up as she is blackmails her into helping him, life goes from closely restrained to out of control. Sometimes choosing between sanity and {Read More}


I’m sure you can tell just by the little teaser that this cover is VERY different from the Wreckless cover. Very different and adorable in its own way. If you’re interested in being part of the cover reveal on Thursday, comment below and I’ll get you more information.

Secret Identity – Or, Other Names To Write Stuff Under

Once upon a time there was a YA Writer named Bria Quinlan who decided it would be fun to write some funny, light-hearted rom coms as a break from her YA… Not that she didn’t love her YAs, but sometimes a girl wants to write something a little different. And so she did. And so she published one under the name Caitie Quinn. And it did fairly well… people seemed to like it. The more people who liked it, the {Read More}