Small Gestures: Stand Up, Sit Down

I stand up a lot on the train. I try to do it with grace, but I’ll admit, as someone who rides from the 2nd stop to the last, knowing I’ll be on my feet for 45 mins can be a killer. But, there are definitely people who need that seat far more than I do.

Today a very pregnant woman climbed the stairs and paid her fare and I knew I’d be doing that commute standing. But, before she even finished getting her change a man rose, glared at the teen who tried to swoop into his seat and offered it to her.

She was so grateful, sharing that no one ever gave up their seat for her.

He just smiled and told her, “I have faith that somewhere someone is standing up for my wife.”

I was blown away by him showing such love for his wife through a stranger — and for a stranger because of his wife.

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