Small Gestures: A Stolen Second by Tamara Morgan

The minivan door slid open and children started spilling out like they’d been shoved inside a clown car. From where I stood across the parking lot, I counted five little ones ranging in age from two to ten, all of them clearly siblings. I generally watch in moments like these to catch a glimpse of the parents. Not because I worried about them—the kids were well behaved, the older ones making sure to grab little hands and prevent untimely dashes {Read More}

Small Gestures: Crossing the Street

I was coming down the street, walking, groceries in hand when I saw what was probably going to be the most horrific accident of my life waiting to happen. On the opposite side of a busy street, an elderly woman with a walker was waiting for someone to stop and let her use the crosswalk. I didn’t start to worry until she eased her walker down over the curb as none of the cars on her side stopped to let her {Read More}

Small Gestures: While You Showered

Sometimes the little things become too much. The need to sort the mail and run to the library and empty the dishwasher. Life is zipping by and these need-to-do things add up until small chores feel like mountains. When my mountain had gotten too big, I glanced in my sink to see it filled with dishes that needed to go in the dishwasher. The same dishwasher that needed to be emptied. I was running late and my new boyfriend was {Read More}

Small Gestures: Stand Up, Sit Down

I stand up a lot on the train. I try to do it with grace, but I’ll admit, as someone who rides from the 2nd stop to the last, knowing I’ll be on my feet for 45 mins can be a killer. But, there are definitely people who need that seat far more than I do. Today a very pregnant woman climbed the stairs and paid her fare and I knew I’d be doing that commute standing. But, before she even {Read More}

Small Gestures: Raindrops

Sometimes it’s the small gestures that show the big love. Today the rain came out of no where — one of those, “Wasn’t the sun just shining” downpours. As I sprinted toward my car, a couple came walking toward me. He’d taken his jacket off in 45′ weather to hold it — not over his own head — but over his girlfriend’s. My heart melted a little… Luckily, I disproved any “wicked witch” rumors by that being the only thing {Read More}