Small Gestures: While You Showered

Sometimes the little things become too much. The need to sort the mail and run to the library and empty the dishwasher. Life is zipping by and these need-to-do things add up until small chores feel like mountains.

When my mountain had gotten too big, I glanced in my sink to see it filled with dishes that needed to go in the dishwasher. The same dishwasher that needed to be emptied.

I was running late and my new boyfriend was running early. When the doorbell rang, I let him in and gave the dishwasher one last glare as I apologized to him.

“I wanted to grab a quick shower before we left. Do we have time for me to just change out of my work clothes?” I mentioned I was running really late to meet his friends, right? #TrafficIsTheEnemy

“Go take that shower. Don’t worry about it.”

I wasn’t going to ask twice. A quick shower would make all the difference.

After my power wash, I came downstairs to find him wiping off the counter… after emptying the dishwasher and reloading it.

“Oh. Wow. You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know. But I wanted to do something for you.” He grinned the same way he did the night I met him. “And, today it was easy for me.”

Some days, one person’s mountain is another’s easy.

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