WRECKLESS – Audio!!!

I am so stinking excited to let you guys know that in late Spring WRECKLESS will be out in audio. Beyond “Will Wreckless every be a movie?” and “Is there a sequel?” this is the most asked question.

(Answers: Not unless you know someone. Who knows, maybe? and now YES! Late Spring!)


I’m thrilled with the sample I’ve heard and can’t wait to get the rest! A small group of my peeps heard it as well (to make sure I wasn’t insane) and they were like, Yes! That’s Bridget!

And so, I’m starting to do the prep work for release.

One of the things I’ve found is that no one knows how to do a release like this.

I don’t already have an audio following and my readership (while AWESOME) is not super huge. This is my first audio, so no one is excitedly waiting for the next one, and Wreckless isn’t a new release.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Find a new path!

If you love audio books and review them, you’ve come to the right place. I’m looking not only for people to review Wreckless, but to see if we have enough interest in audio books to have a “opportunities for early listener reviews” go out to readers who love YA and/or Romance.

Want in?

The form is HERE.

What happens if this works?

Well, you’ll be put on whichever lists you checked (there’s YA and then 3 Romance heat levels). My hope is that we have enough people who are interested to send them opportunities each month!

You can opt out any time and you’ll never get spammed. Only myself and my admin will have access to your info. You’ll get the list and then click on any book your interested in to let the author know.

So, did you miss the link above and now it sounds like a good idea? Then, click HERE!

And, start watching for Wreckless audio news!



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