WRECKLESS – Audio!!!

I am so stinking excited to let you guys know that in late Spring WRECKLESS will be out in audio. Beyond “Will Wreckless every be a movie?” and “Is there a sequel?” this is the most asked question. (Answers: Not unless you know someone. Who knows, maybe? and now YES! Late Spring!)   I’m thrilled with the sample I’ve heard and can’t wait to get the rest! A small group of my peeps heard it as well (to make sure {Read More}

Premade Book Covers

Did you know I also made premade book covers? Rom Com, Chick Lit, Contemp Romance, Women’s Fiction – starting to add sexy man pictures and some fantasy. You can check them out as they go live (and maybe give me a follow *wink**wink*) HERE.

2017 AuthorLife Planner

I am so thrilled to announce that the 2017 AuthorLife Planner is live! The planner was a surprisingly large project, scoping out the workshop, boiling it down, creating a stream of reference that works on paper only, then creating a planner that keeps those findings on track. BUT, I’m so happy I did it. I’m already getting some amazing feedback and really hoping that writers and other creative folks are able to find their BEST PATH and stay with it {Read More}

For New Authors About Town

I haven’t done a writing post in a long time. I’ve basically just focused on my own writing and my readers. But, after going to several author events over the last two seasons, I wanted to throw this out there. What are you reading RIGHT NOW? Oh, you’re not reading? Nothing? Why not? Reading is the number one way to know what’s hot in your genre, what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, what’s selling, an opportunity to {Read More}