First Report

If you’re just joining us, you may not have realized one of the reasons I started this blog was to share from the inside the journey of an author self-publishing her first project.

So, it’s been a week (well, just over) and for 99% of that time I was at RWA.

It was so hard being there and not sharing my new secret identity as Caitie Quinn, Funny Girl… funny looking girl? Well, something.

People talked all week about self-publishing (and epub royalties….that’s a blog for a different day) and I tried to soak it all in. Unfortunately, I had a breakfast meeting the same time as Courtney Milan’s self-pub chat and missed out. I’m hoping someone blogs about it…

BUT if you missed it, Courtney hit #6 on the USA Today list this past week with her SP novella, Unlocked (which I personally really enjoyed) – this is exciting on so many levels.

But, back to week one.

So, I released The Short and then basically packed my bags and left for nationals. How exciting to come home to my first sales report of 31 books sold. So much more than I expected.

My goal (since everyone needs one) is to sell 101 books, I’m excited to be 1/3rd of the way there in week one.

Why 101?

Well, that’s the “break-even plus one book” point.

Currently all I’ve done is 2 giveaways on twitter. To be honest, they kind of fell flat. It’s hard when you only have 15 followers during the first contest. But, it was great to get to give the book to 2 people.

Also, while I was gone I got 3 reviews… 2 on goodreads and 1 on amazon… all 5 star. Waiting for the 1 star slap across the face to hit. It’s a hurdle we all have to jump.

Next up will most likely be a goodreads giveaway. Stay tuned!

So, let me ask – what’s your favorite way to giveaway a book? Or to win one?


  1. I’ve won 19 books in a year and a half on goodreads. I’ve also wrote a couple of blog posts about giveaways. This one might help:

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