AuthorLife Planner is now….

Are you one of my AuthorLife Planner peeps? If so I know you’re wondering (because I’ve gotten your emails… and DMs… and tweets… and carrier pigeons) what’s going on for 2019! So many great things. First off, we’ve made one really REALLY important change: We’ve taken the calendar pages out of the book. Don’t panic! You’ll still get your pages. But what does that look like? First off, I know that every year we talk about trying to make the {Read More}

The Perfect Time To Plan

One of the questions that has come in from more than one person is “Should I plan my day in the morning or the night before?” Well, we already covered the “It’s All About You” thing, so let’s break this down to help you decide. The morning or night planning is really personal. It’s the way you’re setting yourself up for success, so figuring out what works for you (at this moment, bc this is a big one that can change) {Read More}

2016 Prep – Part Three

Part One Part Two If you’re following along you have three important things already: Whiteboard of possible and impossible items An index card with your deciding factors All the possible and impossible items that move forward based on your deciding factors But, these aren’t goals. Nope. Still no goals. I bet you’re feeling pretty good about that, right? 😉 After this, I build a Warboard. This comes from my days as a strategic HR Director. In those days the board {Read More}