Wreckless is a reader favorite and I find myself getting lots of questions about it still. I thought a fun way to answer some of those, tell you some obscure facts, and annotate the book for everyone would be to do a read-along! Wootoot! So, how will it work? I’ll be reading (ok, rereading…but it’s been a few YEARS!) Wreckless and commenting on Goodreads on my status update. I’d love for you go read along and comment too. I’ll be {Read More}

A Love Letter To My Agency

Being basically anonymous while I was putting out my Rom Com Novellas as Caitie Quinn was hard… sometimes heartbreakingly so. No matter how much help I had along the way, not “being me” often made me feel alone on the journey — and lowered my expectations of how the release of Wreckless would go. I expected a little bit of pimping and a few sales and hoped that slowly it would build up enough steam that it would find readers. {Read More}

The Jake Moore List

In keeping with Bridget’s Rebellion List, we may have tweeted a Jake Moore List yesterday. It’s not quite as scandalous as her Rebellion List, but it’s getting there 😉 1. No one knows where he’s been for the last two years. Who doesn’t love a man of mystery?  2. He drives a beat up old pick up truck. Pick up trucks have beds. You do the math. 3. He’s hot. Period. The tattoo doesn’t hurt. 4. Boundaries aren’t something he {Read More}

WRECKLESS – On Sale As Of…. NOW!

Wreckless…Where obsession and rebellion collide. Bridget Larson’s never met a rule she didn’t like. Drawing inside the lines isn’t just a way of life – it’s the only way she can make it through the day. And through it all her BFF Leah has stood inside those lines and weathered the unspeakable with her. Then Bridget catches her boyfriend with Leah–and the last thing on her mind is staying safe. Salvation… A bad boy and his jacked up pickup. Jake {Read More}

WRECKLESS – Pre-Release Giveaway

WHAT IS WINE GUY THINKING??? Yeah, I never know either… BUT, maybe you do! Just comment with a caption for the picture for a chance to win a copy of WRECKLESS. A super-secret judge will be picking her favorite caption. Keep it PG folks, this is a YA show 🙂   SO, WHAT WAS HE THINKING?? Wine Guy had a few things to say about this contest: 1. Bria, how do you talk me into these things… besides just doing {Read More}

WRECKLESS – Cover Reveal

I’ve been dying to show this thing off all week. It gave me goosebumps the first time I saw it and when my paper ARC came I just kept patting the cover…. sooooo pretty. But, it was really different than what I’d had in mind. People talk about how you have all this control when you go indie, but in some ways, I feel like it’s really a practice in relinquishing control. I am not a pre-visual person. Show me a {Read More}

WRECKLESS – Chapter One

  Chapter One “Are you calling me a liar?” The whole situation was unbelievable. You’d think having spent years trying to be the perfect daughter would grant me the benefit of the doubt in a sticky situation. I don’t mean years spent convincing people you’re the perfect daughter. I mean working pretty darn hard to be as good a daughter as you could possibly be. Mama cocked an eyebrow at me as if she could bring herself to say, Yes, {Read More}